Hey, there!

My name is Tina. I write this blog, and I live in a sleepy Florida town on the out-skirts of the Tampa Bay metro area.  This blog is a work in progress.  Along with my husband we plan out our weeknight meals, and fearlessly conquer new exciting recipes on the weekend.

My children are nearly grown, very large,  and almost out of the house. This doesn’t mean I don’t have challenges feeding my family.

Instead, I find as my children grow so does their palate. Entirely…uhhmm…my husband’s fault then by extension mine.

This wonderful man, Mr. Monday is Meatloaf,  has over the last twenty or so years encouraged us all to expand our horizons as much as the local grocery will accommodate our culinary horizons. This elevates the bar not only for weekend meals, but dinner during the week

Weeknight dinners are a team effort – myself and Mr. Monday Is Meatloaf join forces each week to balance the work between us for weeknight meals and weekend fun.

When my kids were little I was a SAHM, and now I am an older working mom. Each role has presented unique challenges but still share one common important theme – feeding my family nutritious and delicious meals each day of the week.

I absolutely adore cooking, writing, and photography.

Over the years, I’ve collected many recipes then created my own recipes but never recorded them. I recreate them from memory each time I cook these recipes, but now as my kids are older I would like to collect them in one place where they can access them from anywhere in the world.

I have worked  to develop strategies to get me through weeknight meals without being stressed out standing in the kitchen trying to think what I can turn into a meal in an hour.

Weeknight meals can become very mundane. I find myself rushing home late from work and have an hour or less to get dinner on the table for three big hungry eaters-much easier to plan this out! 

Ultimately this leads to a lot food porn, meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prepping every weekend. Weekend meals are way more fun (WARNING! adult beverages and music may be involved 😊) because I have time to prepare complicated or new dishes.

The aforementioned young foodies  have challenged Mr. Monday Is Meatloaf and I to up our food game.

We look forward to sharing our journey for meal prepping and adventurous weekend cooking with you!


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