Recipes on Monday is Meatloaf are created specifically for this website. Many hours of recipe development, testing, photographing, video making, writing, and passion go into each and every post. Each post is developed over several hours over many days to achieve the final result with our readers in mind. Please respect my guidelines if you would like to share my recipes.

Food Blogger Round Ups

If you are a FOOD BLOGGER and would like to include one of my recipes in a round up you are creating this is great news! Please feel free to use one photo and include a do-follow link back to my recipe. I ask very nicely that you do not include the ingredients and directions even though I'm confident you already know this. Once you hit the publish button please feel free to contact me so that I can share it on my social platforms.

Commercial Round Ups

If you have a legitimate online publication or magazine and would like to use one of my recipes in a round up or feature I would love this. You may include one photo and provide a link back to the recipe. I ask that you do not include the list of ingredients or the directions. For any requests outside these parameters please contact me directly. I would also love to hear from you so that I may share the article with my readers and across my social platforms.

Sharing on Social Platforms

If you would like to share my recipes that's fantastic! I do not encourage the copy/paste of my entire recipe to any website or social sharing platform with NO exceptions. Please do not crop off any watermarks on photos or add text to my photos.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO use the sharing buttons I have provided on the website to share to social platforms to share a link to any recipe. DO NOT copy/paste the recipe ingredients or directions to the social share.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO post a link to Facebook leading directly back to my recipe with the snippet that automatically appears. You are NOT permitted to post any photo from the recipe, ingredients, or directions on Facebook including on pages or groups.

Printing of Recipes

I have enabled and provided a print feature on my recipe card for my readers who prefer to print and retain a paper copy as part of an industry wide standard practice. In the interest of fair use I authorize users to print one copy for personal use only. I DO NOT permit printing of any recipes or pages on my website for distribution beyond the single user printing except in a classroom setting.

If you represent a not-for-profit organization or club which would like to utilize a recipe in a classroom type setting this is permissible. Please only print the necessary number of copies for each participant.

I DO NOT permit the printing of my recipes, photos, or other content to cookbooks of any kind.

Recipe or Meal Planning Apps

I understand that recipe apps or tools for meal planning are convenient for my readers. However, not all apps are created equal. I permit the saving of my recipes to recipe or meal planning applications that DO NOT have a companion website that is indexable by a search engine or interferes with the serving of my ad placements.

BUYER BEWARE - Please be sure to read the terms and conditions of your selected application so that you as the user are not on the hook for copyright infringement as a result of innocently using it.

I DO NOT authorize the printing or distribution of my recipes, photographs, or content through any one of these applications in a form that includes but is not limited to cookbooks for the application owners profit.

Recreating Recipes

If you are a FOOD BLOGGER and would like to recreate one of my recipes that would be terrific provided you follow the guidelines below.

  • Take your own photographs
  • You are welcome to use the ingredient list in full
  • Rewrite the directions in your own words
  • Add a link back to the original recipe or Google will see it as duplicate content!

Taking my recipes/content and reproducing them or copying or pasting them on your blog, website, or Facebook violates Facebook terms and copyright. Please do not take my recipes, photos, or videos without permission.